Daily St. Philomena Cord Prayer

O St. Philomena, glorious Martyr of Faith and Purity, grant me the same strength of mind that enabled you to resist the most terrible assaults; grant me your ardent love for Jesus Christ which the most atrocious tortures were not able to extinguish, so that, by wearing your Cord and imitating you on earth, I will be incoronated with you in heaven. Amen.

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The prayer at left is to be recited daily by all wearers of the St. Philomena Cord.  If you ever lose your cord, you will need to get another one.  Unlike a scapular, each new cord itself must be blessed according to a specific rubric.  To be sure, contact us for a new one.


What - the history and meaning:

The wearing of a cord in honor of a saint is an ancient tradition of the Church. In the early Church virgins wore cords/cinctures as a sign or emblem of purity. Very few saints have the extraordinary privilege of a cord. Devotion of the Cord of St. Philomena came into being as a result of the innumerable graces obtained through her intercession. The Cure of Ars who had so many times experienced the power of this saint loved to see the faithful wear the precious Cord. Pope Leo XIII blessed and approved the Cord and attached many privileges and indulgences to the wearing of it.

St. Philomena Cords are white and red and are to be made of either linen, wool or cotton threads so interwoven as to give an almost equal preponderance to the two colors which represent virginity and martyrdom. The two knots on the one end of the Cord honor her double title of virgin and martyr.

Why wear the Cord?

The use of the St. Philomena Cord is one of the ways we honor her and secure protection from her. The Cord is a sign of devotion to St. Philomena and an action prayer of petition seeking through her intercession health of body and protection of soul. She is model and powerful intercessor of two greatly needed virtues in our time - steadfast faith and courageous chastity.

Who should wear the Cord?

"All the baptized are called to chastity. The Christian has "Put on Christ,’ the model for all chastity. All Christ’s faithful are called to lead a chaste life in keeping with their particular states of life. At the moment of his Baptism, the Christian is pledged to lead his affective life in chastity." (Catechism of the Catholic Church CCC: 2348) Note this includes: Married, singles and the consecrated. This cord is a perfect sacramental for us all, with many graces and blessings.

How is the Cord to be used?

It is normally worn around the waist under one's clothing. The Cord should be properly blessed (as the enclosed Cord is). No ceremony is required in conferring it. In putting on the Cord we should commit to constantly honoring St. Philomena in order to merit her protection against all evils of soul and body and also to obtain through her intercession perfect chastity and the spirit of faith necessary in these most challenging times. One who wears the Cord should recite the accompanying prayer each day.

Much of the above and additional information can be found in: Saint Philomena: The Wonder-Worker, by Fr. Paul O'Sullivan, OP & Saint Philomena: Powerful with God, by Sr. Marie Helene Mohr, SC. Both can be obtained from Tan Books, PO Box 424, Rockford, IL 61105.